Joaquín Gómez-Moya

President - Equity Partner


Boards Advisory, Management, Administration, Open Innovation and Internationalization at Alma Management and Execution.

Professional highlights:

  • Joint Development Agmts (JDAs) on Biotech, Pharma and Chemicals projects with Fortune 500 corporations in several countries.
  • Joint-Venture (JV) in the USA on Microfluidics engineering services and licensing.
  • Funding-rounds with Venture Capital (VC) funds; closed the Biggest Spanish biotech investment in 2011.
  • Conferences on cutting-edge technologies, innovation management and new biz models at national and international congresses in US and UE.
  • Frost & Sullivan Award of the Year 2011 to Innovation Best Practices.
  • Launched Spanish brands globally, from Premium wine to Mass Spectrometry analytic nebulizer.
  • Created a new business model on wineries International Trading and the biggest Spanish growers’ co-operative corporation.
  • Closed a Saving&Loans successfully.
  • Merged a group of Hearing-aids retail companies.


International business

Business strategy

Innovation management

New business development

Intercultural relations


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