Opp #1. Funding. Our customer – a Biopharma company – is looking for a Biopharma / Biomedicine company or division to invest in; even to acquire it. Target: Small-sized. Revenue from 1 to 4 Million EUR. Positive EBITDA. Valuation by multiples. Our customer would rather take over.

Opp #2. Our client – a VC fund – looks for Nanotech or Medical Devices or Biotech – lato sensu – companies or divisions to invest in or to co-invest in, either.
Target: Small-sized. Status, A-series or B-series; this is seed capital (either concluded research or having got a PoC) or venture capital (stage of technological development, scaling up or product development).

Opp #3. Investment. Our customer, a company on optics technology developments with application in the field of energy looks for private equity specialists or venture capital funds willing to invest a ticket at least 1 Million EUR.
Project main step values are: 2014 – pilot-plant – 2 Million EUR. 2015 – industrial plant phase I – 19 Million EUR. 2017/2018 – exit window: goes public or PE 3rd round.
The company – a private partnership – has developed a brand-new technology, including production machinery, with relevant advantages in cutting energy production costs 40+% down. Fields: photovoltaic, thermal, buildings energy efficiency, lighting, .. It has already got in touch with the leading companies all around the world. Current reference stockholders, two well known family offices, would co-invest.

Opp #4 Investment. Our client a Madrid-headquartered Venture Capital Fund looks for qualified or institutional investors willing to invest at least 500 000 EUR. Field of investment.- Biohealth this is Biotech, Biomedicine or Pharma. Manager team is experienced and well reputed in said field. Investible project profile.- Advanced start-up, product development and ramping up companies. It has governmental support through INNVIERTE program. As a matter of course, it complies with all Spaniard – CNMV – and EU regulation.

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