The experts consider that any technological project passes through the “valley of the death” before triumphing, and many of them succumb in the world of the ideas or before initiating the process.
A bridge cross from a place to other one, exceeding a valley – a river – an abyss – definitively, avoiding directly the unsuitability of a risk and reducing the times.
We at ALMA M&E are “engineers of bridges”, have constructed “bridges” in many continents, and know how to successfully reach the other side. In the other side the market is waiting for you!

Fran Fernández

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What do we do?

Management: We lead your project to the market completing your competences, without getting into your fixed costs lines, and we share your passion about getting to success.

Funding: We select the best suited financial partner.

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About us

We are executives, we are your team. We possess the fundamental experience of having done it before, and to have done it successfully. We characterize ourselves for the discretion, confidentiality and fair play.

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Why choose us?

Because we monetize your project.

Because we answer to your worries: To what, why, how, when, who, how much…

Because we have many more “because”. Let’s talk!

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